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Smoke Shield System | Safety In The Event of The Unthinkable

If escape is impossible in a fire, the smoke shield system:

Provides time and safety for you and your loved ones

Filters toxic smoke, providing up to one hour of breathable air

Alerts rescue personnel of your location with an LED strobe light

Smoke Shield System – Saving minutes to save lives. The first innovation in the fire protection space in decades. Affordable, automated and easy to install, Smoke Shield provides peace of mind knowing there is an additional layer of protection in the home for you and your loved ones.


Smoke Shield turns your closet or small space into a safe room which provides you and your loved ones safe, precious time until you are rescued. Another fire hazard, lung damage, is prevented due to the breathable air created in the safe space.


I’m Dr. Nicholas Welch, founder of the Smoke Shield System. My three children mean the world to me and my wife Nicole. As a family man, I am constantly concerned about their safety. As an experienced volunteer firefighter, I am also concerned about fire protection and safety in the home.

With more than eight years in the field as a firefighter, as well as an emergency medicine physician, I have seen tragedy first-hand and have witnessed the impact of exposure to toxic smoke can have on the lungs.

More importantly, I know that in the event of an unimaginable fire in the home, every precious minute matters in saving lives.

It’s for these reasons that I created the first innovation in the fire protection space in decades, the Smoke Shield System. This system will help families like mine and yours to breathe easier and feel safe. Back this project and let’s save minutes so we can save lives.

Dr. Nicholas Welch


Automated Activation

An external sensor detects smoke and automatically starts the system

Specialized Filter

Our system uses a blend of catalyst and activated charcoal pellets to filter out toxins in smoke

Mounting System

The mounting system is specifically designed so that anyone is able to install the unit in just minutes

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